CheeseDosa: The Book!

A Curated Collection of CheeseDosa Stories Bound in a Handmade Book.

Follow our wholly self-published journey and get your signed copy now.

Nerdy kid walks into the suburbs…

First Edition’s Limited Release.

Available now!

Nice to meet you and welcome to my dream: creating a physical book of short stories.

All are true. 

Some were made popular at and some you’ll be seeing for the first time.

He’s not as lame as he used to be in middle school…

Still lame though.

My Dad, May 2020

About Me:
I’m a lawyer + comedian who had the surreal experience of growing up Indian in Edison, New Jersey.

It’s a suburb not easily explained, but being raised:

  • By my exact set of parents
  • In that specific town
  • In the 90s …

, explains everything about who I am today.

Your book will be entirely self-published. What does that mean?

1. All stories will be written and edited by CheeseDosa. 

Easy enough?

2. All the artwork will be created by CheeseDosa. 

Boring Plots!!!

Available Now

Look, if we’re being honest about the suburbs, the plots can be quite boring. 

But this book looks back on those days. It examines the (mostly) mundane through an adult lens, a comedic lens.

Professional high-quality illustrations and carefully selected binding materials ensure a book you can proudly display after reading.

My Wish

While I hope you enjoy the final book, you know what would be a bigger honor?

If you see some of yourself in these tales.

And hopefully someday we meet to talk about it over a meal.

Should that day come, might I suggest what’s on the menu?

The ingredients will be something quite American + something quite Indian too. 

Mom’s Dosa


These are all true stories written over the last five years. Performed at various stages across the United States: NYC, DC, LA, Chicago, NC and Boston.


All illustrations are custom-made and relate back to stories within Swag shop also coming soon.


All Pages and Binding of the Book will be done In-House. We will catalog this crazy journey of bookbinding with you via videos and photos.


Cocktail Classes, Cooking Lessons, Storytelling Coaching Sessions, and Special Events are all freely included with book purchase. Follow these upcoming events here.

What Our Customers are Saying

My Mom

“Why do you keep writing about us?

Get a life.”

My Wife

“With covid, I’m glad you found a hobby that is quiet and keeps you in one room.”

Hasan Minhaj

(still waiting to hear back from Hasan, tbh)

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